Why EP’s JX single item pickers are game changing


For any business that regularly makes use of warehouse space or has constant stock levels to maintain, having the correct equipment for the job from day one is vital. Not only can this help to improve the efficiency of your stock management, but it also ensures the safety of your employees and keeps your workplace running like clockwork from open to close.

With more and more businesses working to optimise their warehouse solutions, there’s one item you may want to introduce to your workforce; the EP JX single item picker. Allowing for greater control, this alternative to the traditional forklift and traditional stocking methods is much more than just an optional piece of equipment for your warehouse.

Available in a range of scales and specifications, a single item picker might be the solution you need. To improve the efficiency of your warehouse, the capabilities of your staff and the practicality of your stock control, this one piece of machinery can make all the difference.

Read on to find out why single item pickers are the game changer you need.

What is a single item picker?

An evolution on the forklift and more traditional stock picker systems, a single item picker is exactly what the name implies. Rather than requiring the movement of large palettes, crates or boxes, a single item picker allows the operator to ‘pick’ one item at a time on demand, as required. For warehouses working with consumer or single-item products, a standard stock picker can be unwieldy and not fit for its purpose, especially when dealing with vertical spaces. But with a single item picker, it’s effortless to choose the exact item required and retrieve it, with very little effort involved.

Designed to be compact, practical and manoeuvrable, these smaller machines not only offer individual picking on items just out of reach, but this also offers it up to a height of 6.5 metres, allowing operators to do far more, and do it far faster too.

Small order pickups can be a hassle in warehouses that employ vertical space, but a single item picker solves that problem neatly and effectively. Battery-powered, easy to use and efficient, the EP JX range of single item pickers are specifically designed for a purpose. Ideal for use in eCommerce, with hydraulic controls and ergonomic steering, these single item pickers are more than fit for purpose.

Create vertical efficiency

For the modern warehouse, there’s no denying that space is at a premium. For most businesses, there isn’t the capacity to offer every piece of stock within arm’s reach of its employees; which is why the way you utilise your vertical space is so important. From eCommerce giants to smaller, specialised businesses, building vertical stock can be the answer to all your space problems.

But from that solution comes the problem of then accessing that stock once it’s been stored. While wholesale or B2B businesses may have a need for delivering palettes of products at a time, for consumer-led companies, it’s far more likely that you will be operating on a single-product-at-a-time workflow.

With a single item picker, you have an elegant solution to the problem of accessing stock. Not only does this mean you can account for the height to which you can place your stock, but it also means that you can employ a more well-rounded solution to the storage of your products. For the safety of your employees and the convenience of your service, it’s easy to end up crowding lower shelving and soon falling out of good habits when it comes to the best way to store your stock.

Being able to access every part of your warehouse with relative ease can be the perfect way to level to the playing field; making all parts of your storage equal-opportunity, and equally as useful and usable when it comes to the best way to store your products. Making vertical space effortless is a must for any business operating today, and an EP JX single item picker can help make that change easy.

Introduce a system that works for you

Easy to use, great to handle and simple to control, the EP JX single item pickers range does far more than help you improve on existing systems. It can be the perfect jumping off point to create a whole new system that works for you – rather than you working for it. When you don’t have the correct tools for the job, you’re often left having to compensate and work around systems that aren’t quite fit for purpose.

By implementing the mechanisms you need into your stock facility, you can create better, more efficient and more practical systems that work for your business, and do all you need them to do. With greater access and functionality for vertical space, in combination with a single item picker, you can create stock management plans and overall storage solutions that work for what you need them to do.

While bulkier equipment or traditional stock pickers required specific palettes or object shapes to lift, a single item picker takes away that requirement. This is especially key for smaller-scale eCommerce businesses, where there just isn’t the capacity or requirement for moving or carrying palettes, but a little extra is required to make the most of the storage space you have access to. This allows you to create systems that work for you, rather than for the limitations of your equipment.

Order products by range, type or market without the need to worry about vertical space. Everything is just as accessible with a single item picker. It’s not only the giants of the eCommerce world that need that efficiency, after all. For tight spaces, small corners and compact stock areas, a single item picker is the best of both worlds. With the power and control of a professional built-for-purpose machine and the footprint and scale ideal for smaller facilities, EP’s JX series is all you need.

Single item pickers are the new normal – and here’s why

Space is at a premium for any business. If you’re not utilising your vertical storage space for your stock, then you’re likely not keeping up with the efficiency of your competitors. Single item pickers are the game changers you need to make the most of what you have. For any startup eCommerce business, they are the new normal that you need to improve your output, optimise your storage space and create a system that works for you.

The EP JX single item pickers are unique, in that they are designed specifically for this purpose – to act as the first step to a business improving its workflow, establishing the best stock solutions and maintain a high standard or quality and safety in the workplace. Old methods of collection, output and delivery just won’t cut it for a modern business.

Combining optimal safety features with practical and easy to learn controls, these models are designed to work with you in just about any environment. That well-researched and tested design is what ensures the high quality and practicality of all EP products. With each model, EP offers a tailored solution to a particular problem; whether it’s a need to increase output, a model that has the manoeuvrability for tight spaces or simply a machine that can carry the weights and sizes of packages required.

Efficiency and capability: Why a single item picker from EP is right for you

If you’re considering the best picking solution for your businesses, then you may have already thought of a single item picker as an option for you. But unlike older models or more scaled-down versions of the machine, the EP JX single item pickers range has much more going for it than you might think. Single item pickers are the new answer to the efficiency and capability in the workplace.

Designed specifically is eCommerce and small-scale stock in mind, the design of each machine within the range – the JX0, JX1 and JX2 – is developed to serve a particular purpose to a high quality. Each machine comes equipped with a high-power, effective battery solution that’s highly suited for internal stock management.

In addition, every picker in the range is designed to the highest safety and control standards, to ensure they’re not only practical and effective for your employees to use – but they’re also safe, too. With each of these pickers, maximising your output isn’t just about gaining access to the stock you need at the moment; it’s doing it in a safe and consistent method that more than pays off in the long-term both in time saved and improved accuracy and control.

With the newer products, such as the JX0, designed with narrower spaces and greater flexibility in mind, the EP range is more than a match for just about any warehouse configuration or design. From local use within large facilities to independent use in smaller stockrooms, the versatility of these machines makes them more than worth the investment – and certainly worth exploring as the ideal solution for your stock management and output needs.

Find out more about the JX range today

Efficient, versatile and safe, when you choose EP’s JX range for your single item picker needs, you’re picking a product that’s designed to do what you need it to. An efficient battery life, stabilising features and even inbuilt sensors work to add value to your purchase, ensuring that when you choose one of our machines, you’re investing in something that gives back.

To find out more about our EP JX range, see our full product descriptions online today – or get in contact with us to find out more about what your single item pickers can offer your business. Whatever your needs for stock management, output or versatility, we have the tools to make your job easier. All you have to do is ask.