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We offer various types of Forklift, Oil Forklift, Electric Forklift, Wheel Loader, Small Wheel Loader, Concrete Pump, Self-Propelled Concrete Mixing Truck, Wheel Loader, Cleaning Truck … Technical team Art has many years of experience in the profession, can advise customers on the most advanced techniques and options to maximize cost savings in choosing products …


The Maximal Diesel Forklift 2021

Oil forklift or diesel forklift is always considered the most reliable solution for material handling forklift. The diesel forklift... read more

The Maximal Sitting Drive Electric Forklift 2.0-3.5T

The introduction of Maximal electric forkliftThe electric forklift made by The Hyster-Yale Group is one of TOP forklift with high-quality products. Maximal electric... read more

The Maximal 3-wheel Electric Forklift 1.6-2 Tons

The Maximal 3-wheel electric forklift produced by Hyster-Yale Maximal factory in China. The Maximal forklift which belongs among the... read more

The Maximal 3-wheel Electric Forklift 1.3-2.5T

THE MAXIMAL 3-WHEEL ELECTRIC FORKLIFT 1.3-2.5TThe Maximal forklift which belongs among the first generation forklift is designed by the... read more

The electric forklift 2021 in Vietnam

The Electric Forklift is extremely handy for operating in very tight space and narrow aisles. If your warehouse requires... read more


The guidelines to set up and plan for all activities and strategies of VietStandard are our vision, mission and... read more

Lithium ion battery forklift in Vietnam 2020

Lithium ion battery forklift is new trend for logistic vehicle. In VietStandard; We are pleasant to cooperate with Hyster-Yale... read more

Vietnam’s distributor for Lithium-ion battery forklift in 2020

Lithium-ion battery is becoming more and more popular in the forklift industry. It is presenting many advantages compared to... read more