The Electric Forklift 2022 in Vietnam


The Electric Forklift is extremely handy for operating in very tight space and narrow aisles. If your warehouse requires working in closed quarters without dust and noise that is the right time you should choose electric forklift. Basically, the type of forklift will be idea in a warehouse application. However, together with lithium-ion technology, counter-balance lithium forklift can work well outside door with great performance and protection.

The advantages and characteristics of electric forklift in warehouse applications

  • The lifting force is not more than 12.000 Ibs, or 5.442 kg (1kg=2,205 LBS or Pound).
  • The operating cost is cheaper compared to forklift using internal combustion engines. Because IC forklift need to consume more fuel.
  • Electric-powered forklift uses several different types of energy supplied by the battery. After a charge cycle, the battery could recharge without fuel storage. On the other hand, electric forklift has never been some faults, for example: congestion of oil pump or fuel filter.
  • The charging cost is lower significantly compared to the cost of fuel.
  • Electric forklift has not made noise during working shift, exception for warning sirens when backing the forklift.
  • There is no fuel tank behind the forklift so that user is not worried about explosion.
  • Automatic brake on electric forklift helps reducing brake material deterioration and tiredness for the driver.
  • The electric forklift does not require oil engine and coolant.
  • Maintenance free.
battery forklift truck produced by Hyster-Yale Inc.
Maximal’s battery forklift

Forklift Classifications

  • 4-wheels drive sitting and 3-wheels battery forklift: This forklift type is ideal for wide factory space where is the ability to move flexibly. Typical forklift weight ranges are between 1 to 5 tons. Both types are driven by rear axles.  3-wheel forklift is directed by double rear wheel.
  • Stand-up electric forklift: Including Reach Truck, Stacker or pallet truck that’s very useful inside the narrow warehouse limited moving quickly but lots of human appearance. The lift capacity is not more than 2.5 tones.
  • Electric forklift includes lead-acid battery forklift and lithium-ion forklift (Li-ion forklift). Currently, li-ion cells are applying for all kinds for Lift Equipements such as li-ion pallet truck, li-ion stacker, li-ion reach truck, …
Lithium forklift
iMOW ICE301 li-ion forklift

Where can we buy electric forklift in Vietnam?

VietStandard Technology Service Company Limited specializes in distributing of material handling warehouse equipment. We are locating in Hanoi, Hung Yen, Quang Nam, Binh Duong, Hochiminh city, Can Tho in Vietnam. Currently, we are authorized genuine reseller in Vietnam for different type of well-known electric forklift brand in the world. Customer can contact us directly or our sub-dealers nationally.

VietStandard is officially authorized dealer for the following famous brands:

  • Maximal Forklift:  One brand belonging to Hyster-Yale Inc., USA.
  • Artison Forklift: One brand belonging to TOYOTA manufactured Tailift.
  • iMOW and EP:  The TOP electric forklift and warehouse equipment manufacturer in China.
  • Heli and CHL from Heli Group.
Electric forklift
Maximal electric forklift

VietStandard’s contact persons

  • Marketing department: Please contact Mr. Lion or Ms. Annie by emailing to or calling + 84 359 588885.
  • CRM: Emailing to or calling +84 868 914 666 or +84 868 917 666.
  • HR: or; Cellphone + 84 868 438 111.
  • Hotline: + 84 359 588885 or 0917 41 49 69 for Vietnamese language; or 098 626 3456 by English.
  • Regional dealers are ready for all economic areas in Vietnam. Please contact our sub-dealers for more suitable supports locally.
iMOW pallet truck 1.5 tons
iMOW pallet truck 1.5 tons

Video The Electric Forklift

Reference working videos for battery forklift