Founded in 22rd August 2012 then Vietnam Vietstandard Company Limited is original company name unti 31/12/2020. Following company next strategy, VietSandard has adjusted company name to VietStandard Service Technology Co., Ltd since 01/01/2021. Accordingly, we also change the logo and the related aspects.

Vietstandard's green technology with Lithium battery forklift
Vietstandard’s green technology with Lithium battery forklift

VietStandard what does it mean?

  • Employee’s Mission: Serving Best!
  • Our Slogan: Treasure Your Trust. Optimize Your Capacity.
  • Standardized service-product  for Vietnamese people. Concurrently, the service-product that meet high requirements of Vietnam’s standards.

VietStandard’s entrepreneurialism

We are committing to be consistent partner for both suppliers and clients.

the newest version of Maximal Reach Truck
the newest version of Maximal Reach Truck

Our product quality

The company has been continuously cooperating with TOP suppliers. For example, CARMIX and VietStandard cooperation bring great values for all customers in Vietnam. Excellent integrated brands provide excellent product service level. We only provide the best product serving each targeted market segmentation. Please refer to our product line for further information.

Customized customer needs

Nowadays, the customer needs are changing day to day. Over customers are customers! How can we make them to be happy? Only way: serving them by what do they need or like. VietStandard is always listening carefully, thinking creatively and understanding deeply customer needs. There are reasoned why we can provide on time or lead the trend of customized needs from the market.

The strictly selected suppliers

Good supplier promises good cooperation. We are always looking for long-term cooperation, therefore we only focus on which supplier can bring long-term benefit and advantages for market needs and society.

  • Only cooperating suppliers who onw their competitive advantages in production and friend technology.
  • Only cooperating manufacturer’s who are ready to listen on the market requirements and continuous improvement.
  • Only cooperating good brands who are high commitment to provide long-term benefits for end-users.

High educated and skilled employees

We can not provide good service-product for targeted customers with low skill staff. Leaning organization is one of our culture aspect. Therefore, we respect and reward the high educated and skilled people. Serving customer is nursing ourselves future that is our credo. Of course, skill and education are not at all if the service-product are provided by one low attitude employee. Thus, good attitude is the most important need of our team that is also our culture.

Team work in VietStandard
Team work in VietStandard

High investment values

We are treasuring customer money and we are always looking for the way to optimize customer capacity for their investment. H�gh investment values are our commitment for all end-users based on the following points:

  • Providing good product at suitable price.
  • Low  costs and replacement parts.
  • Quick feedback and solution for any maintenance claims or repair service.
  • Minimum downtime can be raised during lifespan
  • High resell values.

Golden commitment

Our reputation is built up by collecting every customer feedback. VietStandarders have been training to understand that “we have to build up customer trust through out customer satisfaction”; Our team efforts are continuously learning and improving the service quality at effective costs.

Training course from supplier
Training course from supplier

24/7 service whole country

NEVER reject the service calls. We are maintaining 5 phone numbers whose are in charge of fully responsibilities for every calls from customers whose are seeking helps for mandatory services or repair service. VietStandadard’s culture and VietStandard’s Service Team are always ready to resolve customer urgent service even on the middle night without any extra costs.

VietStandard’s contacts

  • Marketing: or +84 868 917 666
  • CRM & Admin: or +84 868 914 666
  • HR: or +84 868938 111
  • Hotline: + 84 359 588885
  • Official YouTube channel link.

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