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EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck independant test report

As published in September 2017, Theo Egberts from Buro Andersom and Logisticsinside tested the EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck against

Ep Euipment JX1 – Product Test Report

HANDY AT THE HEIGHTS If you want to pick small items at various levels or

The history and future of pallet trucks

Although many people see pallet trucks as fairly utilitarian items of equipment that “just are”, in actual

How EP’s Order Pickers Are Powering the E-Commerce Revolution

How EP’s Order Pickers Are Powering the E-Commerce Revolution ! The growth of e-commerce has

Electric Pallet Truck Training Requirements – the Ultimate Guide

Anyone working in the logistics industry will at some point need to learn how to

What Are the Uses and Benefits of Ride on Pallet Trucks?

There are many different types of equipment and machinery that are designed to help you

The Ultimate Guide to Electric Stackers 2023

Are you looking to purchase an electric stacker? The choice of trucks today is large and

Pump Trucks: Uses for Electric Pallet Trucks

Different uses for electric pallet trucks The introduction of the electric pallet truck to the

How to find the right electric pallet truck for your business

The electric pallet truck is one of the most versatile material handling tools. With a