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Eight top tips to get the most out of your EP electric pallet truck

Eight top tips to get the most out of your EP electric pallet truck !

How EP products help reduce the carbon footprint of materials handling

Latest figures on carbon dioxide emissions paint a worrying picture. Over the decade between the

110 Electric Pallet Trucks Make Work Healthier – Equipment 4U & Van Vliet Transport

By purchasing 110 new electric pallet trucks with a lithium-ion battery, two leading Dutch distribution

Costly Diesel Compliance: is the Future Electric ?

As individuals, we are all too familiar with the environmental and health concerns surrounding diesel

EP Equipment EPL 154 and EPL 185 – Product Test Report

 FINE COMPACT ONES With the EPL 154 and EPL 185, EP Equipment brings two almost identical

EP Equipment EFL181 – Product Test Report

NEW FORKLIFT SEGMENT OPENS POSSIBILITIES EP Equipment wakes up the forklift market with the EP EFL

Holthuis Gabelstapler: Large European full-liner grows steadily with EP Equipment

Holthuis Gabelstapler Vertrieb GmbH writes a success story Less than one and a half years

EP Equipment & JD Logistics: How Lithium Technology Changes the Game

JD. com is China’s largest online retailer and a member of the Fortune Global 500.

Why buy electric forklifts from EP ? What can I use..

EP Equipment has been manufacturing and developing forklift trucks since 1993. Now, with over 27