Vietstandard Vietnam Cooperation

VietStandard “Commit to provide the best of the best quality in selling good-service” in the construction and industry equipment and raw material. Vietstandard Company was established in 2012 with the desire of “a service mission”. It is an unchanging choice, and aspires to a better society. Established in March 2012, with the original idea of serving the supply of clean food and quality consulting. Currently, our main business is the professional nationwide distribution of ‘Products and Services’, in the fields of Industrial Machines, Construction Machinery, Logistic.

Vietstandard Vietnam Cooperation
Vietstandard Vietnam Cooperation

About the supplier, we are the official distributor of the brands:

Europe: Carmix, MB, Utilev, Manitou,…
Korea: KCP, Kanglim, …
China & Taiwan: Artison, Taiflift, KangHong, Mountain Raise, SDLG, Shantui, Maximal, Hangcha, Niuli,…
Regarding human resources, besides the key management team with 15-20 years of experience, trained at leading prestigious universities at home and abroad, VietStandard is constantly looking for personnel to add to the team. growing up. People who are rich in ethics and professional ethics are always welcome at Vietstandard Vietnam.

Vietstandard’s customers are present in all 3 regions, in different fields and come from different nationalities. The business motto of Vietstandard company is: “COMMITMENT MORE THAN GOLD”. We always show our sense of responsibility in consulting and serving customers. You are “Vietstandard’s valued customer”. It is not only limited to after-sales work, but Vietstandard company commits to perform in all stages of providing products and services. Together with a key technical team with rich experience with 10-23 years in the profession; Vietstandard company has been bringing absolute trust to customers using its products and services.

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