Electric Forklift

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Forklifts are especially suitable for indoor or warehouse work. If you need a forklift to work in an enclosed space, without dust, without noise, then an electric forklift is the optimal choice.

Advantages Of Electric Forklifts

  • Lift is no more than 12,000 lbs, or 5,442 kg (1 KG = 2,205 LBS or POUND).
  • Lower operating costs than internal combustion forklifts. Because diesel forklifts, gasoline forklifts, and Gas/LPG forklifts burn fossil fuels.
  • Supply electrical energy through the battery. The battery can be charged after the discharge-charge cycle. Therefore, there is no need for a fuel depot. Not using fuel helps the car to avoid errors: clogged oil pump or fuel filter.
  • The cost of charging and using the battery is much lower than the cost of buying fuel. In particular, now customers can use Lithium batteries to save more on vehicle usage costs.
  • There is no noise when using an electric forklift, unless the vehicle is reversing with a warning siren.
  • There is no fuel tank so it is safer in case of fire.
  • Automatic braking on electric forklifts reduces wear on brake materials; At the same time, reducing driver fatigue.
  • No engine oil or coolant required.
  • Very little maintenance.
  • Battery life up to 8 years if using Li-ion battery.

Electric Forklift Classification

  • 4-wheel drive: This type is suitable for large workshop spaces, the ability to move is very flexible. The driving load is from 1 to 5 tons. Both types are rear-wheel drive. The 3-wheeler is guided by the rear double wheel cluster.
  • Standing electric forklifts include: Reach Truck, Stacker, … suitable for narrow spaces or many people moving. It also doesn’t allow fast movement. Lifting capacity is not more than 2 tons.

VietStandard is a genuine authorized dealer of electric forklift brands

  • Maximal Forklift: a trademark of Hyster-Yale Maximal Co., Ltd.
  • Artison forklift: a trademark of TOYOTA.
  • iMOW Forklift: a joint venture between EP Equipments (China) and Big Joe (USA).

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