EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck independant test report


As published in September 2017, Theo Egberts from Buro Andersom and Logisticsinside tested the EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck against its competitors. Of course we are very excited to find out more about the results as our truck is compared with the well known brands Jungheinrich, with the EJE M15 series and Toyotas LWE 130. The test is the first of its kind and compares trucks designed to satisfy the growing need for entry level products with a focus on delivery application and the retail environment.

The competitive field – EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck independant test report

Our truck is facing a tough competition with the Toyota / BT LWE 130, priced at 3.540€ and the Jungheinrich EJE M15, priced at 2.888€.

EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck
EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck

The EPT 12EZ comes in two Versions (BASIC and PRO) at prices from around 1.500€ – 1.900€ depending on specifications. For this reason we are even more curious on how our truck stands against the higher priced competition.

While all of the competitors trucks use gel batteries, the EPT 12EZ from EP Equipment uses an easily exchangeable Lithium Ion Battery with the advantages of opportunity charging, faster charging, lower weight and a longer battery lifetime. In addition to those advantages the self weight of the EPT 12EZ with  only 130Kg is lower than its competitors from Jungheinrich (219Kg) and Toyota (250Kg) which enables the truck to be used on every kind of taillift. Also, the EPT 12EZ is the same size as a manual hand pallet truck and can therefore be maneuvered very easily through narrow aisles and inside of HGVs.

EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck
EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck

The raw results electric pallet truck

As an independent test institution Buro Andersom developed a standarised test that all three trucks from EP Equipment, Toyota and Jungheinrich went through. This test anticipates the real life situation, that has to be handled by a truck of the entry level segment.

Supplier Model Price Pallets / hour km/h with load kWh per 100 pallets
EP Equipment EPT 12EZ PRO 1.850 € 66,98 4,93 0,24
Jungheinrich EJE M15 2.888 € 66,36 5,07 0,3
Toyota LWE 130 3.540 € 70,24 4,74 0,24

Sources: Logisticsinside.eu (EPT 12EZ test); Logisticsinside.eu (Toyota LWE130 test); Logisticsinside.nl (Jungheinrich EJE M15 test)

EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck
EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck

It can be seen by the raw data provided in the tests from Logisticsinside.eu, that all trucks showed very similar performance data. While the Toyota LWE 130 truck has some advantage in the amounts of pallets shifted per hour, the Jungheinrich EJE M15 and the EP Equipment 12EZ have a higher top speed. In terms of energy efficiency the EPT 12EZ and the EJE M15 show advantages over the Toyota truck which is using more kWh per 100 pallets.

EP Equipment is proud that the EPT 12EZ has been tested to achieve the same performance level as the more expensive trucks from the competition while offering a very intersting package including state of the art lithium Ion technology, lower self weight and the most compact chassis on the market. Find out more about the EPT 12EZ on the dedicated product page: click here

If you want to see more on the test result of the Logisticsinside test, check out their video