iMOW – The new brand and sales channel from EP Equipment


iMOW – The new brand and sales channel from EP Equipment ! As the leading supplier of pallet trucks and stackers worldwide, EP Equipment is constantly developing new products and services to support the growing demand for entry-level products. We believe that the purchase of entry-level pallet trucks should be as easy as buying a power drill in the DIY market. It should be available everywhere for everyone.

For this reason, we have created iMOW

What is iMOW?


iMOW is the new brand for entry-level products from EP Equipment. The products are based around the demand for simple and reliable products, conforming to the European laws and regulations. iMOW will offer electric pallet trucks and stackers with a lifting height of 2.700mm / 3.300mm to allow usage under doors as well as high lifting height. The pallet trucks will be equipped with Gel Batteries and integrated chargers to allow maximum flexibility for the operator.

Where can I buy iMOW as a dealer?

The target of iMOW is to make our entry-level products available to everyone. To keep the order process lean and cost efficient, all orders will be placed in the iMOW online system and shipped directly into your country. Payments, Invoicing and ETA will be shown online to give you a simple overview of your operations.

What is the minimum order quantity for iMOW products?

Not every forklift dealer, material handling supply company or webshop wants to buy full container quantities. That’s why we decided to have no minimum order quantity for iMOW. You can buy a single unit and get it for the same price as a full container. That’s a promise!

What is the price of iMOW products?


Our goal is to give the best possible prices to our iMOW dealers. Everyone will pay the same, low price, based on full container prices from China, but you can buy single units and do not have to take the investment of full containers.

How can you offer such low prices for single unit shipment?

As iMOW will have a widespread network of dealers, we will combine orders from many dealers into one container. This allows us to offer cheap prices without minimum order quantity.

What about local support in each country?

In every region, iMOW will have a general partner who will support the local iMOW dealer in local language etc.

What is the difference between EP Equipment and iMOW?

The EP Equipment dealer network is a strong network of internationally successful dealers with a focus on the supply of the full portfolio from EP Equipment. iMOW focuses on the entry-level sector as a fast moving good with less need for explanation and low need for service.

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