Best Small Electric Forklifts for Tight Spaces


EP Equipment’s solution for warehouse restrictions

As warehouse prices rise and the cost of maintaining a storage facility increases, business owners are looking more closely at optimising space and efficiency in their current locations. When adapting facilities to optimise space, decreasing aisle size is a popular solution. However, companies are uncovering new challenges when it comes to operation within narrow aisle warehouse spaces. There is a need to fit increasing volumes of products into the same warehouse buildings without compromising ability to use equipment.

When operating in confined spaces many businesses would think that forklift truck operation is challenging or even impossible. Business owners will often consider other material handling equipment under the impression that forklift use is not possible in tight spaces. However, this is not the case.

What are the smallest forklifts in the EP range?

EP Equipment has a range of warehouse equipment including small electric forklifts for sale from local dealers globally. The full forklift range offered by EP Equipment can be found here, this portfolio includes a range of machines perfect for operation in confined spaces :


As an alternative, EP Equipment provides the EFS101 electric counterbalance forklift. The EFS101 is specially designed to meet light to medium handling needs in limited spaces. This small electric forklift truck is equipped with a 24V/220Ah long-lasting lead-acid battery which can meet daily operation. The EFS101 is able to handle light and medium operation in a variety of different working conditions. The light weight, compact design offers the most simple and efficient operation for cargo/service lifts and mezzanine usage.

The EFS101 features a compact chassis, which is significantly smaller than ones with the same tonnage in the industry. It is optimised for the flexibility in narrow space thanks to its short turning radius 1278mm.

Best Small Electric Forklifts for Tight Spaces
Best Small Electric Forklifts for Tight Spaces

The EFS101 can cover over 80% of customers’ handling requirements according to research. In addition to managing daily tasks and challenges, operators can take advantages of the EFS101’s small and compact size to complete tasks in narrow and confined spaces. The EFS101 is a compact machine with a light service weight (1520kg) and the added ability to operate on uneven surfaces thanks to its high ground clearance.

The EFS101 features a compact chassis, which is significantly smaller than ones with the same tonnage in the industry. It is optimised for the flexibility in narrow space thanks to its short turning radius 1278mm. In addition, operators can take advantages of its light weight 1520kg to cover cargo lifts and mezzanine floor usage.

What are the use cases for small electric forklifts?

At EP Equipment we aim to offer the right truck for every application. This includes small electric forklifts for operation in compact facilities.

When looking at the potential reasons behind needing a small electric forklifts the following warehouse features can be considered:

  • Narrow Aisles (NA) or Very Narrow Aisles (VNA)

If your warehouse has narrow or very narrow aisles but the capacity required by your material handling equipment is still reasonably high, then a small electric forklift may be the solution for your business.

  • Cargo/service lift

If your facility extends over multiple floors with the need to transport equipment and goods throughout then a forklift that is suitable for lift operation is a must.

How much is an electric forklift?

When looking at how much a small electric forklift will cost there are multiple factors to consider including:


The capacity of a forklift will effect the price you pay for the machine. The EFS101 has a capacity of just under 1T.
Other machines used to operate in confined spaces such as stackers, reach trucks and small electric pallet trucks can often not match the capacity of a small forklift

Lithium battery benefits include
Lithium battery benefits include

Power type & long term costs

It is important to consider power type when looking at the price of a small electric forklift.

Lead acid batteries, such as that of the EFS 101 may be less expensive initially. However, a lithium battery solution may contribute to a more cost-efficient warehouse operation in the long run.

Lithium battery benefits include:

  • Less expense and energy spent on charging batteries
  • No time and labour involved by swapping batteries
  • Less time and labour spent maintaining and watering lead-acid batteries
  • Reduced waste of energy (a lead-acid battery normally uses up to 50% of its energy through heat, while a lithium battery uses only up to 15%)
  • Smaller overall battery size leads to similar purchase costs and offer the same or better autonomy due to opportunity charging.

All electric forklift battery types are said to have their place in the market. But, with future energy saving expectations and global campaigns, Lithium Ion is the long term solution for your business.

When looking to purchase and electric forklift it is important to note environmental benefits in addition to monetary gain. to find out more about the environmental benefits of electric forklifts read here.