China EP Stacker Electric Forklift 2023

Stacker electric forklifts are well suited for warehouses with limited space. The lifting capacity of the Stacker forklift is from 1-2 tons with a lifting height of up to 5.8 m. Stacker forklift batteries can be Lead Acid or Li-ion batteries.

Stacker electric forklift classification

Depending on the use, choose the right type of stacker forklift. We are currently distributing Stacker forklifts of Maximal (USA) and EP (China). To make it easier to choose a Stacker electric forklift, we would like to introduce a classification. Accordingly, it will be easier for customers to choose the Stacker electric forklift that suits their needs.

Priority upgrade stacker

The Stacker forklift is suitable for unloading, light lifting, low lifting with the cheapest price in electric forklift. Vehicles with less damage and low cost of use, effectively improve goods.

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