JX2 increasing performance by 60% in high-rise department stores


GNA Administración y logistics Ltda, is an engineering company specialized in storage and distribution logistics located in Brazil. GNA works mainly in the turn-key system and works according to the client’s requirements. GNA participates in all phases of a project, right from the beginning to the final delivery at warehouses ready for use. GNA projects include offices and equipment of all kinds.

GNA specializes in the development and construction of warehouses and is dedicated to all sectors that lack a storage structure, the sectors with the most demand are the industrial, supermarket networks, shopping centers and distribution or logistics centers among many others.

Collaboration with EP Equipment

GNA has been working with Ep Equipment since 2019, during these last 2 years it has acquired 18 units of the JX2 model, an intelligent and versatile order picker, with a range of up to 3.6 meters. GNA’s specialized purchasing department is responsible for finding the best products on the market that best suit the daily work for the specific job requirements.

Jx2 Increasing Performance By 60% In High-rise Department Stores Vs
Jx2 Increasing Performance By 60% In High-rise Department Stores Vs

After testing the equipment of other brands in the market, GNA met EP Equipment thanks to a customer, who later became a partner. EP Equipment is the best solution to the market demand according to GNA and the reason why GNA is strongly committed to EP Equipment is thanks to the quality of the product, after-sales service, and the quick response of the technical team because at EP Equipment customer service is paramount.

GNA, when selecting a team, takes into account the following aspects; One of the most important is the adaptation of the equipment to the current market and it is important to also take into account the speed of equipment deliveries, the economy, dimensions (compact) and speed. It is also important not to forget  the commitment to the environment and the ergonomics it offers, in addition to the ease of maintenance of the equipment and batteries

Jx2 Increasing Performance By 60% In High-rise Department Stores Ep
Jx2 Increasing Performance By 60% In High-rise Department Stores EP

Current market JX2

GNA says that the current market in Brazil persists with the custom of using labor in abundance for distribution in retail warehouses, but little by little they are adapting to the use of specialized equipment for high work heights as they begin to realize the great advantage, reduced working time and increased performance.

Jx2 Increasing Performance By 60% In High-rise Department Stores
Jx2 Increasing Performance By 60% In High-rise Department Stores

This great demand for lower-level orders during the last years is due to the increase of electronic commerce worldwide. This increase greatly changes the behavior of distribution centers as the new machines can collect orders and are perfect for warehouses and adapted for e-commerce with shelves of various heights.

The model chosen by GNA is the JX2 model which is a compact and robust order picker and also offers a wide visibility of work, thus achieving greater safety. The JX2 model is capable of lifting up to a ton and with a height of up to 3.6 meters and also works with a high efficiency electric drive AC motor.

Advantages offered by EP Equipment

In the current market of South America and within this range of machines, the JX2 model has the following advantages according to GNA;

The entire JX range has a motor electrically powered by LPF lithium-ion batteries, these batteries incorporate a BMS controller that is responsible for managing and controlling all the data that the battery generates, ensuring safety. The BMS controller is responsible for cutting off the electricity supply when presenting extreme temperatures or presenting situations of high / low voltage.

The reach height of the JX2 model is perfect for the standard shelves of the sector, so it makes it the perfect material handling machine, but in addition to the height the speed of displacement is also the most appropriate, it has a security system of speed reduction activating when a certain height is exceeded, It has a compact design and a reduced turning radius perfect for narrow aisles, guaranteeing a greater storage space and finally the JX2 model has a very competent cost in the market.

In addition, GNA emphasizes two qualities of the JX2 model that make the difference of the market and is the height of reach and the speed of operation. One of the most impressive facts that GNA has told us is about one of its largest customers, who have 40 workers who work from 8 in the morning to 2 in the morning, but that is before using our order picker, the difference that our order picker makes is that all those people who left work at two in the morning now leave at 5 in the morning. Late like all other workers in other departments, the increase in performance is significant, the JX2 model has managed to reduce its days from 16 hours to 8-hour days (2 hours of rest).

South America from EP equipment’s point of view

According to the latest studies carried out by the marketing department of EP Equipment, the e-commerce sector in South America is booming, this means a greater demand for material handheld equipment and in this case the JX2 model would be ideal for collecting orders on elevated shelves of up to 3.6 meters. In addition, we have realized that more and more users have the need to acquire lithium equipment for benefits such as easy maintenance since it does not have a combustion engine and it is not necessary to change oils and filters and also lithium batteries do not need timely maintenance. Another of the most outstanding qualities of lithium batteries are the charge, you can charge the batteries in the shift changes taking advantage of the breaks to recharge in this way you can work without interruptions. We also have several models that incorporate internal chargers that you can charge wherever and whenever you want.

Jx2 Increasing Performance By 60% In High-rise Department Stores 2023
Jx2 Increasing Performance By 60% In High-rise Department Stores 2023

Our global objective is to transform the material handling sector with ecological solutions and environmentally friendly solutions. As for the South American market we can categorize it as a market with a lot of potential so at this time we want to share this relevant information from one of our most appreciated collaborators, GNA Administration and logistics.