Heavy Duty Pallet Truck: EP Equipment MAX Series


Many people globally know EP for our electric pallet truck range and warehouse equipment. This range of pallet trucks and stackers has made EP famous in material handling since 2012. As EP Equipment grows we are using industry experts to grow and develop our product rang with innovative designs that mean the EP Equipment can provide dealerships and end users with the right trucks for every application. This growth meant we saw the introduction of the EP Equipment MAX SERIES.


I hear you asking what makes a max range a max range and a mini range a mini range…

The mini range is the truck concept that makes EP Equipment so famous. This is our compact range with a very small chassis. The EP electric pallet truck is the same size as a standard hand pallet truck, and this is mainly because of the EP inhouse produced and designed driving assembly. The driving assembly is a wheel around a motor. We are since 2012 the main producer in Asia of this kind of driving assembly and we make everything in-house. From individual steel components to the end-product this truck is a product of EP equipment innovation and design. At EP we have proven and reliable quality assurance on this product and its assembly.

When it comes to the max range you will see that this range has a vertical drive motor, and this is one of the ways the max range different to the mini range. This is a far more conventional style of material handling equipment as is what the material handling market is used to in regard to the type of equipment expected to be found in more heavy-duty applications. The max range is tough and resilient, composed of cast-iron components and ready to tackle heavy loads and industrial applications.

So lets deep dive into the Max product range…

EPT20-1WA / EPT25-WA EP Equipment

While many people are accustomed to the mini-style range of pallet trucks produced by EP Equipment there is a huge portion of the market that still expects a truck to be more robust, look more like an armoured vehicle or have a more traditional feel of a powered pallet truck.

This is where EP provides the EPT20-20WA / EPT25-WA. This is a 2 or 2.5 t pallet truck in a real robust, industrial chassis. This is great for industrial facilities that frequently handle loads at ground level. The construction of this powered pallet truck includes components that provide smooth fast operation while keeping lifetime long and maintenance costs low.

EP Equipment EPT20-1WA / EPT25-WA
EPT20-1WA / EPT25-WA

EPT20-20WA /EPT25-WA is suitable for various industrial environments, warehouses, logistics companies, loading/unloading docks and other heavy-duty applications and heavy loads. Manoeuvring through tight aisles and doorways as narrow as 1815mm with pallets 800 × 1200 is light work for this truck optimising efficiency and safety in any business. Here at EP we say the EPT20 drives like a tank and has a chassis that can carry up to 2.5 t. With a service weight of 520kg compared to entry level trucks that sit around a weigh of 130kg. The same pallet truck we have with the EPT20 we also provide in a ride on option…


This truck has just been tested by the magazine Logistics Inside and can be viewed here. The experts at Logistics Inside marked the RPL201 as a benchmark in the industry with amazing performance and long battery life.


The RPL series is a ride-on pallet truck from EP Equipment. Fully designed around the concept of integrated Li-Ion battery technology, the RPL 201 offers quick, opportunity charging and electric power steering as standard. This model can be equipped with a high-speed option for even higher productivity and the new released RPL 251 and 301 can handle heavy-duty applications in even tougher working conditions.

The RPL series is the perfect machine for any kind of medium to high distance transport tasks within the warehouse as well as loading/unloading in docks and loading bay applications. In these applications a truck must heavy duty, cast-iron components such as those found with the RPL 201.

An alternative ride on pallet truck to the RPL201 available in EP’s Max series is the KPL201, a 2t truck which provides the same fantastic performance with the addition of an enclosed, wrap-around, operator platform for increased safety.

Needing to move a level up from what a pallet truck can offer your material handling requirements? EP has a solution…

ES WA Series

The ES WA Series is EP Equipment’s industrial stacker. This stacker is the perfect choice for transporting and stacking different sized pallets and is equipped with easily adjustable straddle arms, powerful AC motor and easy maintenance components.

ES WA Series
ES WA Series

The ES-WA Series from EP Equipment is the ideal stacker to optimize multiple work tasks, it’s a perfect solution for non-standardized pallets. This model is suitable for lifting and moving in various warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

The ES WA Stackers have optional proportional lifting meaning that the operator can have even more control of operations in your facility. Plus, as provided with EP pallet trucks, the ES Series stackers are available as a ride on option.

If you want to find out more about the EP Equipment Max Series and transforming your dealership or business contact our team today!