The Next Generation of Electric Pallet Trucks: EP Equipment F-Series

F Series

EP Equipment is announcing the launch of the F Series – The next generation of revolutionary, entry level pallet trucks from EP to change the game again with innovative designs from the market leader in lithium-ion technology. This newest range of entry level pallet trucks from EP will transform how you choose with the introduction of our cloud approach to finding the right truck for every application. With another simple solution for material handling let’s find out more about the F-Series…

Why the industry needs the EP Equipment F-Series

A common statement of people looking into the material handling industry is “all electric pallet trucks are the same”. But any industry professional or experienced operator would know that this statement does not hold up. Maybe 10 years ago this generalization of the electric pallet truck had more weight but 10 years ago every truck looked the same, almost un-identifiable, except from a brand name sticker to distinguish the product. Every customer had to use the same pallet truck, no matter the application and requirements, you could only buy a bulky, heavy, high-performance machine at a price point of over 5.000€.

The Next Generation of Electric Pallet Trucks: EP F-Series
The Next Generation of Electric Pallet Trucks: EP F-Series

At EP Equipment our design philosophy and understanding that every application is different has transformed the material handling market. For EP our pallet trucks are an invaluable core product in our history, and the technology and diversity of our products has meant we have developed a range of electric pallet trucks that can provide the right truck for every application, because every application is different.

What is the F-Series?

EP Equipment’s F Series means 4 trucks to choose from, finding the right machine and accepting the diversity of the environment we are working in. A completely new series of pallet trucks honoring the heritage of our iconic models and giving them the advantages of a platform-based manufacturing process.With 4 brand new entry level electric pallet truck models, we have 4 ways to change the industry, with 4 different chassis, 4 different application profiles and the ability to ship with 4 trucks in a box.

the F-Series
The F-Series

EP’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing told the team “Since the introduction of the EPT 20-15ET, EP has been the most copied company in the industry. For many years, electric pallet trucks from all over the world have the same specifications on the datasheet.But does that mean every electric pallet truck is the same? No, it doesn’t.

As the largest manufacturer in the world for electric pallet trucks, we know that every customer is different. That’s why at EP Equipment, we offer different trucks for different applications. Not just by datasheet, but by application-oriented design, from the ground up. In 2022 EP Equipment takes this philosophy to the next level with the introduction of our F Series”.

All the trucks available in the F Series will share the same OPP to optimize production and offer the best prices available in the market. The F series provides a simplified service solution for our partners all over the world.

Each of these trucks has the potential to change your business and grow with EP Equipment. Our F Series offers you new opportunities to gain customers and introduces new and innovative chances to transform your business and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Here at EP Equipment, we know that we are only strong if we continue to lead the revolution. If we continue to change the market and in 2022, we will do it again.

The Cloud

The concept of using a data sheet as a tool to choose a truck is a thing of the past. On a datasheet, all trucks look the same and the defining characteristics of the product that makes it right for the needs of your business and team are lost.

With the introduction of the F Series EP has developed our approach even further and crafted a unified concept allowing the customer to choose the right chassis for their specific operation. By assigning key words to each model, we have created an ‘atmosphere’ around the trucks and simplified even further the decision-making process for our end users. With the development of the cloud, we are helping our customers to choose the right machine every time.

The F-Series

To understand the F Series, you must understand that each of the 4 new trucks has been developed with a unique DNA to suit the customer demand in different markets, channels, and industries. Although all four of the trucks are designed with the same OPP and provide a capacity of 1.5t they are all very different.







The solution for industrial application. The F1 model is a durable truck for rugged use where stability is key. This truck has no problem operating in a small/medium sized production or workshop environments.







Based on the revolutionary design of the 12-EZ, the F2 is the easy solution for retail work with a compact chassis and sleek frame it can tackle the shop floor with ease and operate in confined spaces without issue.







The F3 comes with the roughest & toughest chassis design. The triangular shape of the chassis gives it additional strength in terms of the structure meaning the truck is able to take on the hard wearing effects of daily operation.







For a varied work environment, the F4 is the adaptable and diverse solution for material handling tasks in many industries. It can be equipped with 1 or 2 Lithium Batteries at once, to accommodate the different types of operators in our industry. The modern design makes it suitable for all kinds of customers.

To find the right truck for your application or to find out more about the F-Series, Contact our team today.