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EP Equipment EFL181 – Product Test Report

NEW FORKLIFT SEGMENT OPENS POSSIBILITIES EP Equipment wakes up the forklift market with the EP EFL

Industry 4.0: The Gateway to Smart Manufacturing

The world around us is a complex abundance of cutting-edge technology and consistent adaptation. Every

Safety aspects to consider when buying a forklift truck

Safety aspects to consider when buying a forklift truck. Forklift trucks are used widely throughout

What are the benefits of switching to lithium-ion?

The UK government has made it clear that more needs to be done towards the

Holthuis Gabelstapler: Large European full-liner grows steadily with EP Equipment

Holthuis Gabelstapler Vertrieb GmbH writes a success story Less than one and a half years

EP Equipment & JD Logistics: How Lithium Technology Changes the Game

JD. com is China’s largest online retailer and a member of the Fortune Global 500.

Electric Forklift Batteries- EP Energy’s Affordable Solution

Replacing a forklift battery can be a confusing and expensive process with so many different

JX2 increasing performance by 60% in high-rise department stores

GNA Administración y logistics Ltda, is an engineering company specialized in storage and distribution logistics

Best Small Electric Forklifts for Tight Spaces

EP Equipment’s solution for warehouse restrictions As warehouse prices rise and the cost of maintaining

Heavy Duty Pallet Truck: EP Equipment MAX Series

Many people globally know EP for our electric pallet truck range and warehouse equipment. This

The Ultimate Guide to Forklift Truck Maintenance

Forklift Maintenance is an important cost factor in the TCO of a forklift or any

The Next Generation of Electric Pallet Trucks: EP Equipment F-Series

EP Equipment is announcing the launch of the F Series – The next generation of