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Lithium Ion Battery testing at EP Equipment

Lithium Ion Battery testing at EP Equipment Using state of the art technology has always

EP Equipment released third generation IC counterbalance truck

EP Equipment has recently released to the market the third-generation of our counterbalance engine trucks – the T8 Series.

EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck independant test report

As published in September 2017, Theo Egberts from Buro Andersom and Logisticsinside tested the EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck against

Ep Euipment JX1 – Product Test Report

HANDY AT THE HEIGHTS If you want to pick small items at various levels or

What makes a Lithium Ion Battery safe? Insights on the BMS

Lithium Ion Batteries are a mega trend in the material handling industry. Li-Ion batteries provide

The history and future of pallet trucks

Although many people see pallet trucks as fairly utilitarian items of equipment that “just are”, in actual

Why EP’s JX single item pickers are game changing

For any business that regularly makes use of warehouse space or has constant stock levels

NMC vs LFP – Which Lithium-Ion Battery is Better for Your Forklift?

If you’re considering a forklift for your workplace, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing

The Importance of Battery Management Systems (BMS) in Li Ion Technology

Battery technology has come a long way from the early days of automation when vehicle

Are Lithium-ion Batteries the Right Choice For Your Fleet?

If you’ve considered upgrading your existing forklift setup, or you’re just unsure which type of

iMOW – The new brand and sales channel from EP Equipment

iMOW – The new brand and sales channel from EP Equipment ! As the leading

Everything you need to know about lithium ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are a relatively new technology, having been first introduced in the 1990s. Lithium-ion